A collection of diagnostic tools and methods for investigation movie footage.

Examining the viewer's preferences

Eye focus and mind attention tracking

Tracking and recording of spectator's eye movement in response to image changes. Registration focus and attention level synchronized with the timeline of movie. Graphical presentation of the results of individual and group registration imposed on the footage.    more...

Visual saliency map

Indicating regions of the image that are likely to attract human attention. Presentation visual saliency map as the additional translucent layer imposed on investigated movie.    more...

Satisfaction level survey method

Method based on Satisfacion Questionaire to assess the viewer's impressions after watching the examined film material. Use of emotion indicators from EEG registration to verify questionnaire data.    more...

3D image quality analysis

Detection of undersirable disparity

Tool allows to evaluate stereoscopic image quality by detecting potential disparity errors in stereopair. Support for native RED cameras files and main transcoded formats in postproduction.    more...

Color alignment of stereopair

Automatic color adjustment of right view in stereo image based on five-point LUT correction. Tool for native R3D footage from RED cameras mounted on mirror rig.    more...

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