CinemaVision Certificate Authority can be employed for the following uses:

Trusted Network

Secure all your network components.

  • Configure routers with certificates that guarantee point-to-point network integrity.
  • Certificates for intranet and extranet services.
  • Automatic deployment of certificates for Windows network components from domain controllers to workstations; enjoy the benefits of trust-based security.
  • Full integration with the hardware security module HSM (security certificate according to FIPS-140-2 standard at levels 2 and 3)

Trusted Users

Confirm digital identities of your employees and partners.

  • Deploy smartcard-based security for all your users.
  • Our solution allows you to log on to Windows, connect to your enterprise’s VPN and provide secure encryption for data.
  • Provide smartcards or tokens to your partners to allow them traceable access to your network.

Secure email

Communication via signed/encrypted e-mail.

  • Authentication
  • Message integrity
  • Non-repudiation of origin (using electronic signatures)
  • Privacy and data security (using encryption)


The provision of CinemaVision CA services is based on:

  • Documentation compliant with RFC 3647 recommendations, including:
    • Certificate Policy (CP)
    • Certification Practice Statement (CPS)
    • Internal procedures (CV.CA.PROC)
    • instruction for subscribers (INS)
  • Staff training
  • Activation ceremony
  • Object identification (OID)

Download more detailed description of CinemaVision Certificate Authority CA features

File nameFile type
CV.CA EN Certificate Authoritypdf
CV.CA PL Centrum Certyfikacjipdf