MR3 UltraLight

MR3 Ultralight

  • Weight:6,9 kg.
  • Construction dedicated to mobile use.
  • Designed to work with small, light fixed focal lenses.
  • Ideal for handheld, on steadycam, crane, tripod and dolly.
  • Lower camera in a fixed position.

Ultralight and ergonomic rig construction offers a great freedom of movement and maneuverability

MR2 Small

MR2 Small

  • Weight: 8,5 kg.
  • Designed for RED & other professional broadcast cameras.
  • More space for large fix and zoom lenses.
  • Quick release camera adapter plates and the digital counters.
  • Stable, harder construction.

Designed for RED & other large professional broadcast cameras.

MR1 Studio

MR1 Studio

  • Weight: 8,7 kg.
  • Designed for RED & Phantom Flex4K.
  • Balanced camera movement / stable center of gravity.
  • Highly precise rig calibration.
  • LCD screens can be mounted on compendium side.

Reliable studio rig with rigid construction and lots of space for large cameras / lenses.

Mirror Rig works well with other CinemaVision products: Rig Controller, Camera Calibrator, Shot Calculator

Mirror Rig may be offered in dedicated version based on weight, sizes and maneuverability.
For a quotation please contact our Sales Department.

Mirror Rigs - features comparison

FeatureMR3 UltraMR2 SmallMR1 Studio
Dimentions H/D/W46/37/36 cm42/38/39 cm43/39/39 cm
Fixed lenses mountingyesyesyes
Zoom lenses mountingnoyesyes
Maximum length of camera&lens set38 cm38 cm42 cm
Phantom Flex4K
Suitable for mounting servos:
Focus distance (F)yesyesyes
Aperture (I)option (weight reduction)yesyes
Focal length (Z)noyesyes
Baseline (Interaxial IA)option (weight reduction)yesyes
Lenses versus Interaxial Base
Compendium regulation noyesyes
Easy Rig mountingyesnono
Quick release camera adapter platesyesyesyes
Carry handlesyesyesyes

 Mirror Rig Installation Tutorial