Faulty stereoscopic shots collection

Key objective

Collecting instances for specially created mistakes of cameras set on shooting in 3D.


Providing comparative cases to optimize and test the accuracy of methods to recognition stereoscopy errors.


Separated 3 types of unwanted disparities:
vertical, rotation, zoom.


66 defined cases divided into type-of groups. Reference flawless settings included

Patterns of incorrect 3D shots

  • 3 separated groups of undesirable disparities: vertical, rotation, zoom
  • Aditionally exemplary cases of complex disparity errors
  • Undesirable disparities adjusted from small, by medium to exceeding the acceptable values
  • Any case shot with 0, 2cm and 4cm stereoscopic baseline
  • Any case shot as static and dynamic footage
  • Shooting at 4K DCI (4096 x 2160 px) 24 fps on CinemaVision Mirror Rig CV.MR1

Scene arrangement and Script

Still shots:

  • Large calibration table used to work with CV.Camera Calibrator located on the tripod at the main plan. Small calibration focus plate, color pattern and ruler mounted on a tripod at the near plan. Some historical props and 4 markers on the side wall at the far plan
  • Shooting time: 5 frames

Movable shots:

  • Scenery as for the static shots
  • Actor, with a sword in his hand, enters from the left side of the rear plan. He bypasses a large calibration table and walks towards the camera. He stops and slowly pulls his hand with a sword and stands still for 3 seconds
  • Shooting time: 10 seconds

Collection feature

  • Easy identification of any case by fixed file ID conception
  • A statement of undesirable disparity values for any case
  • Summary Identification Table containing ID key, running details and obtained outcomes: CV.SUDC Identification Table 2017.02.28.xlsx (Excel)
  • Available resources:
    • native R3D footage, separately for static and dynamic shots – (106 GB)
    • for still shots – 4K tif images, separately left / right view and stereo anaglyph: Static_TIF.zip (9,78 GB)
    • for movable shots – FHD h256 movies, separately stereo anaglyph and stereo side-by-side:
      • Dynamic_Anaglyph.zip (1,00 GB)
      • Dynamic_SdebySide.zip (1,00 GB)
    • Regarding to the volume of collection please contact our Support Department to share selected resources with you

Download report and publication

DescriptionFile type
Baza błędów filmowania 3D v2016.12.27pdf
Open physics detection of vertical disparity in three dimensional visualizationspdf