Assistance tool simplifying stereoscopic cameras calibration process.

Evaluates calibration accuracy on the base of video analysis and calculates correction coefficients.

Main Features of Camera Calibrator

Video input

  • Support for capture cards from BlackMagic Design
  • Single or double video input
  • Synchronization of two video streams using timecode information
  • Autodetection of input format

Video formats

  • List of supported formats depend on capture card
  • Maximum supported resolution – Full HD
  • Stereo image formats: over/under, side-by-side, two independent streams

User interface

  • Easy, switchable main panel
  • Information about video streams (format, timecode)
  • Video preprocessing (rotations, mirroring)
  • Configurable output showing merged video streams (sum, difference, anaglyph)

Cameras calibration support

  • Support for dedicated CinemaVision calibration board
  • Automatic detection and recognition of reference markers
  • Accuracy indicators for operator:
    • zoom
    • rotation
    • Y offsets
    • X offsets
  • Real-time analysis of video from two cameras

 Camera Calibrator Tutorial


Download Camera Calibrator desktop installer

1.0.1 Windows2015-12-16Release I

Download Camera Calibrator User Guide

DescriptionFile type
CV.CC.UG EN Camera Calibrator User Guide v2016.01.19pdf
CV.CC.UG PL Camera Calibrator Instrukcja Uzytkownika v2016.01.19pdf