Rig Controller is a device designed to control 3D and lenses parameters

This element is intended for steering and supervising all devices carrying out the process of stereoscopic 3D image recording:

  • shooting equipment like e.g. cameras and lenses
  • elements of accessories of CinemaVision System for the configuration and the synchronization of filming equipment such as servomechanisms.

Rig Controller set includes:

  • electronic devices installed directly on the rig framework
  • separated group of cooperating electronic devices installed out of the rig construction.

Easily mounts on the CinemaVision Mirror Rigs and Parallel Rigs.

The device is fully adjusted and integrated with those CinemaVision products.

 Rig Controller works well with other CinemaVision products: Camera Calibrator, Shot Calculator

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Rig Controller

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Download Rig Controller User Guide

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CV.RC.UG EN Rig Controller User Guide v2016.06.15pdf
CV.RC.UG PL Rig Controller Instrukcja Uzytkownika v2016.06.15pdf