Reasons to use this software

Open format

Fountain is a simple and open markup syntax for writing, editing and sharing screenplays in plain, human-readable text.

Multi platform

Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Online and offline.

Easy to learn

User interface is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Made for people

CinemaVision Fountain Editor is made for real people who need to solve real problems quickly and elegantly.


You can perform different tasks with CinemaVision Fountain Editor - from development to post-production.

For any team

CinemaVision Fountain Editor is fully scalable solution - from simple project to complex feature series.

Save time

CinemaVision Fountain Editor saves your most valuable resource with helpful tools and features.

For free

Just use it.

Main Features of Fountain Editor

Files and formats

  • Open and save in fountain format
  • Integration with Google Drive
  • Import script from Final Draft (*.fdx)
  • Import script from Celtx (*.celtx)
  • Fountain source viewer
  • Export screenplay to PDF
  • Export lists to CSV and PDF

Writing and viewing

  • Outline tree (sections and scenes)
  • Notes search
  • Automatic characters dictionary
  • Automatic places dictionary
  • Autocomplete typing
  • Renumber the scenes
  • Customized breakdowns and production reports
  • Integration with CinemaVision Project services
  • Automatic duration and time calculation
  • Text statistics (characters, words, lines, pages)
  • Spell checker

Graphical User Interface

  • Spliting editing window
  • Full screen
  • Sidebars (left/right)
  • Language auto detection

Fountain formating

  • Title page
  • Section (act)
  • Synopsis
  • Scene
  • Action
  • Character
  • Character (dual dialog)
  • Parenthetical
  • Dialogue
  • Transition
  • Lyrics
  • Note
  • Comment
  • Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Horizontal line

Fountain Editor Screens Gallery

Fountain Editor screens

 Fountain Editor Quick Start Guide


Download Fountain Editor desktop installer

1.3.104beta Windows2016-12-12Changelog
1.2.139 Windows2016-07-29
1.3.104beta Mac OS X2016-12-16Beta version

Download Fountain Editor Quick Start

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CV.FE.QS EN Fountain Editor Quick Start v2016.02.02pdf
CV.FE.QS PL Fountain Editor Wprowadzenie v2016.02.02pdf