Research stand for eye focus and mind attention tracking on movie footage.

Non-intrusive, affordable, and easy-to-use tool set that allows to measure visual attention. It objectively monitors where and what people look at and how much they are focused on.

ET Recorder

Diagnostic capabilities

  • Innovative method to combine EEG and eye tracking data for content analysis of multimedia
  • Allows to examine eye tracking and attention drawing according to the movie's timeline
  • Supports EyeTribe and Tobii EyeX trackers
    • Fixation and gaze points tracking
    • Blinking rate and pupil diameter monitoring
    • On event mouse click monitoring
    • Conducting individual and collective tests
    • Calibration of components before testing
    • Monitoring the correctness of recorded data
  • Supports NeuroSky MindWave sensing headset
    • Outputs 12 bit Raw-Brainwaves (3 - 100Hz) with sampling rate at 512Hz
    • Outputs NeuroSky proprietary eSense meter such as Attention and Meditation

ET Player

View and analytical possibilities

  • Multi video formats supported for footage (stereo over/under, side-by-side included)
  • Merging EEG and eye tracking data
  • Results visualization on semitransparent graphic layer
  • Presentation in non-delayed mode
  • Heatmap presentation for cumulated data
  • Switchable single /group data scope
  • Kind of data filtering

User interface

  • Easy, flexible navigation along the movie timeline
  • Easy jumping between marked keypoints and shots
  • Possibility to change the playback speed
  • Capabilities to modify the mode and range of display test results
  • Timeline, shot counter on screen on/off

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Movie Diagnostics

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