Application you need to effectively manage many areas of movie production.

Cloud-based management software available anytime and anywhere.


  • Collecting and storing large amounts of various types of complex data.
  • Central file sharing section of project documentation.
  • Creating and exploring the relationship between film project resources.
  • Efficient collaboration of all people involved in the project.


  • Object oriented inventory from many specific movie project areas.
  • Identifying shortages and implementation bottlenecks in resources.
  • Smart objects search and indexing.
  • Certainty that everyone works on the same project resources at a given time.


  • Guaranteed secure and selective access to data based on the rights granted to the user.
  • Global and particular management of permissions.
  • Permission inheritance.
  • Secure long-term data storage.

Project main features

Data collecting

  • The data in the application are object-oriented.
  • Each object has its own kind and attributes.
  • You can define your own object kinds and attributes as needed.
  • Objects are assigned to the defined areas of repository and divided into folders and binders.
  • Ability to join an unlimited number of source attachments to the object.

Links between project resources

  • Structure to effectively manage many elements of production under one roof.
  • Creating relationships between objects from various repository areas.
  • Automatic update of the binding chain after changing the properties of any object.
  • The ability to track the chain of links between objects in the same preview window.

User interface

  • The ability to run multiple projects simultaneously and transfer data between them.
  • Context-sensitive menu, redefined as needed, for browsing resources.
  • Easy objects transfer in the structure of the context menu.
  • The ability to print object cards with varying levels of detail.

Security and controlled access to resources

  • Extended system for granting and controlling permissions to explore project resources
  • Sharing data with crew in accordance with the competences assigned to them
  • Dated archives and backups
  • Cloud application based on certified access to data.

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