Tool for automatic color correction of right view in 3D footage from RED cameras.

Application adjust right-to-left color alignment with a five-point LUT correction.

Reason for stereoscopic pair color correction

The disadvantage of the footage recorded with the mirror rig is color divergence of the image for left and right eye.
The reason is the passing of light through the semipermeable mirror of rig and its partial loss. The phenomenon is constant for certain lighting conditions. Colors of both channels need to be adjusted, preferably at the earliest stage of postproduction and especially if off-line montage is planned directly in 3D mode. Correction should be made on high resolution, native camera footage.

Application features

The software consists of two modules that align the color of the right channel to the left using a five-point LUT curve correction for each RGB component.

R3DWorker module

  • Module proccesses the file collections in the footage directories in automatic stream mode
  • Color adjustment bases on the average frame color in the left view of stereopair
  • Proccess adds a LUT correction in the metadata file (unique for the footage from RED cameras)
  • The only parameter to choose is the Expand LUT (on / off). Parameter activation results in an approximation of the channel LUT curve to the extremes (0 or 255), even though such pixels are not found in the frame

ColorUnifier module

  • Works in handling mode for single-pair files
  • Generates a fit set for every hundred frame of the shot
  • Allows the operator to choose which frame is to be used for color correction
  • The LUT curve shape for correction is generated based on the selected frame

 Color alignment of stereopair Gallery

Color aligment of stereopair