Tool allows to evaluate stereoscopic image quality by detecting potential disparity errors in stereopair.

Application destiny

The excessive disparity of the stereopair is the crucial artefact identified in three-dimensional scenes. The above mentioned disfunction lowers the quality of a presented image and may cause negative health consequences for viewers. Detecting undersirable disparity by means of automated analytic tools in the early stage of realization allows to reduce costs connected with incorrect shots.

Application Disparity Checker controls the quality of 3D footage at any stage of production. Returns information about the type and level of detected stereoscopic dysfunctions and allows to estimate repair possibilities.

Disparity Checker features

  • Analysis for frame sequences or a single stereopair
  • Support for native RED cameras files and main transcoded formats in postproduction
  • Detectable types of undesirable disparity:
    • vertical dispariy
    • rotation mismatch
    • scale mismatch
  • Automatic method based on detecting the characteristic areas conducted for both stereopair views by the process of matching binary patterns
  • Brute force method for verification possible combinations of vector pairs
  • Using a sliding window for area examination and detecting biggest similarity in the respect of considered metrics.

Results and analysis

  • Global average absolute values and standard deviation for any type of disparity
  • Median disparity and standard deviation for any type of disparity
  • Maximum value for any type of disparity
  • Amount of points taken into account
  • Assigning a quality attribute to the test results (acceptance, indication for improvement in postproduction, no acceptance)
  • Optional: disparity arrangement map for quick and unequivocal assessment of disparity distribution in the context of postproduction remedial action

 Disparity Checker results Gallery

Detection of undersirable disparity

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