Designed for open air shots

Parallel rig is an optimal solution for shooting vast space like long shots on distant subjects and open air shots like landscapes, architecture, big objects and all kinds of wide views.

Wide range of interaxial settings

Technical solutions of the parallel rig enable the interaxial regulation between 10 cm and 200 cm (partially depending on used cameras).

Construction dedicated for RED & other professional broadcast camera

The construction is designed especially for RED and other professional cameras - it ensures the highest quality of film footage and desired image look.

Quick release camera adapter plates and the digital counters

Construction solutions enable a quick, effective and comfortable preparation for film shooting at different working conditions.

Reliable rigid construction and lots of space for large cameras / lenses

A stable and solid construction provides universal usage possibilities, among others, for large cameras / lenses.

Stationary and mobile version

Family of parallel rigs consists of stationary and mobile ones. Mobile parallel rig is designed to record the material, assuming the need for frequent and rapid changes in the operator's position with the need to work in difficult and inaccessible area.

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Parallel Rig

Download Parallel Rig User Guide

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CV.PR.IG EN Parallel Rig Installation Guide v2016.01.19pdf
CV.PR.IG PL Parallel Rig Instrukcja Instalacji v2016.01.19pdf

Parallel Rig may be offered in dedicated version based on specific requirements.
For a quotation please contact our Sales Department.

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