Portable desk that can be used in difficult and harsh field conditions.



  • Workstation for technical support on a film set
  • Large work surface for computer hardware and peripheral devices
  • Optimal combination of safe transport container with the work table
  • Work place for two separately working persons
  • Ideal for DIT (Digital Image Technician)


  • Secure transporting sensitive equipment
  • Convenient packaging and removing hardware
  • Quick and easy assembly / disassembly in the field
  • The stable, rigid construction
  • The possibility of leveling on uneven ground
  • Locking assembly for rigidity and safety


Transport ready: width: 57 cm, height: 77 cm, depth: 79 cm.
Work ready: width: 208 cm, height: 77 cm, depth: 59 cm.
  • left side width: 23 cm
  • right side width: 25 cm
  • upper side heihgt: 49 cm
  • lower side heihgt: 18 cm


Desk only: 30 kg.
Desk & equipment: approximately 60 kg.


For 2 independent workers

Download Field Desk User Guide

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CV.FD.UG EN Field Desk User Guide v2016.05.16pdf
CV.FD.UG PL Field Desk Instrukcja Uzytkownika v2016.05.12pdf

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