Application for indicating regions of the image that are likely to attract human attention.

Tool allows to verify if a certain image region visually stands out, compared to its surrounding area.

Saliency Map application features

Diagnostic capabilities

  • Static images or movies analysis in terms of observer's attention focus areas based on:
    • Analysis of brightness and contrast distribution in a single frame of footage
    • Analysis of the size and distribution of objects in the frame
    • Face detection in the image
    • Motion detection of objects in the plane of the screen
  • Generating visual saliency map in heatmap form for each movie frame on fly
  • Collecting and synchronizing saliency map with movie timeline
  • Parameterization of the way the saliency map movie is generated

Presentation capabilities

  • Presentation (in heatmap form) a viewer's attentiveness on the indicated footage
  • Several presentation possibilities:
    • Separate visual saliency map as the movie
    • Saliency map applied to the source material in the form of a translucent layer allowing for easier identification of details
    • An aggregated saliency map and eye tracking map of examinations performed on the same source movie
    • 4in1 aggregation comparising four results in a set of four windows

Research and Development

  • Generating of visual fixation map for stereographic footage based on:
    • 2D feature analysis
    • Depth map analysis of 3D image
    • Predicted 3D visual comfort analysis
  • Indicating of potentially problematic areas of 3D footage while respecting the mechanism of focused attention