Method based on Satifacion Questionanaire to assess the viewer's impressions after watching the examined film material.

The tool uses the registration of EEG indicators while watching a movie to verify the compatibility of the responses to emotional reactions of the brain.

Investigation concept

  • Each items in questionnaire is represented by two terms with opposite meanings
  • Each item contains a seven-level scale in the form of circles to mark
  • The order of the terms is randomized per item
  • The items are scaled from -3 to +3
  • Scale structure contains 6 scales with 26 items:
    • Attractiveness is a pure valence dimension. It points out overall impression of the movie
    • Accomplishment pragmatic quality index (goal-oriented)
    • Significance the quality of being worthy of attention aspect
    • Novelty innovation and creativity index
    • Stimulation incentive and motivation indicator
    • Perception hedonic quality aspect (not goal-directed) consisting of subjective reflection of content
  • EEG Performance Metrics registration during the test (6 emotion indicators)
  • Use of emotion indicators to verify questionnaire data
  • Excel based set of calculation procedures for data verification and presentation of test results

Research objectives

  • Achieve high credibility through consistency of declared and objective data
  • Recognize viewers' preferences based on the satisfaction level after watching a investigated movie
  • Quickly evaluate the overall impression of the viewer
  • Determine the global level of material attractiveness for the surveyed audience
  • Estimate more specific indicators in terms of pragmatic (performance) and hedonistic (emotion) aspects.
  • Acceptance or non-acceptance of the suggested formula of communication
  • Choose the best version
  • Better understanding needs of potential audiences

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Satisfaction rating

Download Audience preference report on assessing the attractiveness of two film trailers

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