We offer technological and IT support for film creation.
We implement rules of conduct for planning resources, recording and processing large volumes of audiovisual data of significant capacity.

We assure the organization of digital footage life cycle in the production workflow. We take care of safety of data storage and access. We raise the agile management of the filmmaking process.

Development / Preproduction

  • Planning the repository and archive structure for digital content of film project.
  • Establish a certified access policy to content.
  • Developing the logistic of footage and metadata circulation in the film project.
  • Developing patterns of conduct and defining responsibilities.
  • Assigning roles, powers, and responsibilities in the executive sequence.


  • Preparing, configuring and ensuring all recording equipment on the set.
  • Supervising carrier with footage circuits.
  • Minimizing risk of registered footage loss.
  • Ensure full archiving of footage recorded during each subsequent shooting day in three independent archives. Verification of all resources by checksum.
  • Quality control of the source material and quality reports. Generating preview for footage and verifying and fullfilling metadata.
  • Converting footage to the required post-production formats, distributing assembly files and metadata.


  • Keeping clear and readable working structures in the film project. Workflow organization, archiving progress and versions.
  • Coordination of teamwork progress and update transfer between all process participants.
  • Scheduling control.
  • Grading and color matching in scenes and acts. Cumulative coloring of the film.
  • Management of VFX repository.
  • Set-up and preparation of high-resolution footage for the full-screen version of the film. Color correction of utilized resources.
  • Creating alternative opening and closing titles, alternative soundtracks, translation of dialogues.
  • Creating mastering copies for target distribution channels.

We assure you of key technological and logistical roles in the film crew. We optimize workflow and guarantee security of resources at all stages of the production process.

The roles proposal:

Data Wrangler

The role responsible for the completeness and security of the digital footage and data produced in the course of the film production. Responsible for the safe and controlled access to data according to the relevant authorization key.
Generally Data Wrangler takes care of repositories and archives of digital content and their security throughout the whole film's manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance Supervisor

The role responsible for controlling and quality managing of footage and integrality of metadata at all stages of the production process.
QAS is focused on ensuring that the right digital content meets the requirements of stakeholders, guaranteeing the ultimate quality of the film. It is especially important in 3D films production, where some stereoscopic defects are able to disqualify later use.

Camera Assistant

The role responsible for technical preparation of cameras, recording of shots, synchronization of equipment on the set and proper marking of the footage (scene no., shot, location, date, timecode synchronization, etc.).
Camera Assistant is responsible for transfer recorded carriers to the Data Wrangler.

Editor Assistant

The main task of the editor's assistant is to aggregate, locate in the assembly structure and synchronize batch video and audio files generated on the set. The goal is to prepare transcoded, synchronized assembly files arranged in appropriate directories. The Assembly Assistant takes care of subsequent working versions of scenes and sequences, and as the whole film progresses. He organizes temporary directories and preview files. He supports Data Wrangler in updating the project repository and redistributing data among other participants in the post-production process.

Digital Imaging Technician

The role responsible for the correctness and technical quality of generated digital data created on the movie set. DIT improves the shooting process. Ensures proper operation of the network connecting the technical equipment, cooperates in particular with the camera assistants and the illuminator on the set. Provides ad hoc tips for image manipulation, ISO optimization, exposure, white balance. DIT adjusts the camera parameters to the prevailing conditions on the scene to achieve the best image quality.
DIT performs preliminary coloring of the footage. and initiates postproduction.

Digital Intermediate Editor

The role responsible for creating a visual version of the film by combining finished special effects with the rest of the assembly video resources. DIE cleans footage and proceeds color correction on high resolution source footage. He prepares working copies of the entire movie and following corrected versions.
DI Editor generates the master copy of the movie.