We guarantee of a safe and supervised documents flow regarding the film project.

  • Certified access to digital documents generated in the filmmaking process.
  • Digital signature of documents and correspondence as a guarantee of security and credibility at the stage of negotiation and acceptance of findings.
  • Repository and registers of all organizational, legal and financial documents related to the film project and controlled access to it.
  • Creating reports and schedules related to management processes in the project.

Contracts Management

Concluding correct and complete contracts is one of the most important organizational and legal subjects in the film project. Polished agreements, containing clear provisions regarding ownership and distribution rights, are a prerequisite for a risk-free film production and exploitation. We assure you of key legal and logistical role: Legal Advisor.

Who is Legal Advisor?

Legal Advisor is comprehensively responsible for creating, negotiating and managing the legal documentation of the film at every stage of its use.
The role is to advise in legal and business terms from the stage of collection and acquisition of funds, through development and all stages of film production and exploitation.
Legal Advisor counsels at the stage of utilization, distribution and management of film rights and distribution of profit.

Activities at the stage of development and preproduction

  • Promoting knowledge about principles and good practices in the process of concluding and negotiating contracts.
  • Preparation and updating of the contract templates repository for the needs of the project. Creating a naming and marking system for contracts.
  • Designing (together with the Producer) controlled access to contracts and contract register.
  • Contract management (electronic and paper versions). Updating the register of contracts.
  • Conclusion and processing of selected contracts under the Producer's authorization

Activities at the stage of distribution and exploitation

  • Preparation of statements and documents necessary for trouble-free exploitation of the film on the indicated areas of use.
  • Optional: Supervising the creation of film metrics and other documents necessary for the correct submission of film repertoire and other related works.
  • Submission of the repertoire to appropriate collecting societies for collective management of copyrights.