EZD has the features and functionalities of a secure, long-term archiving system

EZD guarantees multiuser access to resources based on content tagging and comprehensive monitoring of data activities

Data security

Security of resources is based on:

  • Reliable and attack-resistant data protection based on unique document marking and automatic, continuous monitoring of repository security.
  • Confidentiality, availability, integrity, accountability, authenticity, non-repudiation during the comprehensive service of a large stream of data.
  • Intelligent detection of information leaks based on undeniable content tagging.
  • Automated traffic analysis.

Controlled access

Intelligent access to any digital content generated by the movie production process:

  • Film footage and processed states.
  • Multimedia (photos, graphics, storyboards, sounds, 3D models) and other result files related to the production flow.
  • Documents (scripts, plans, schedules, orders, contracts, protocols, invoices) regarding the procedures and film crew support.

EZD provides integrating intelligent access techniques for cross-system exchanging of digitally preserved film materials.

Protection through content tagging

Protection founded on the undeniable content marking methods includes:

  • Placing intelligently created transparent marks to clearly indicate the user downloading or printing from repository.
  • Data transfer tracking.
  • Proactive threat detection through detection of intrusions or attempts to bypass security and verification of entitlements.
  • Automating the forensic analysis and supporting the removal of security breaches consequences.

EZD, based on procedures of Film Production Model, enables:

  • Compliance of activities with the assumed schedules.
  • Knowledge base in the context of scenario requirements and other business goals
  • Sharing data between specialists in accordance to assigned competences.
  • Quick search for the necessary (requested) and most useful data.
  • Secure long-term data storage.

EZD supports:

  • Teams of film makers, especially in transfer of large numbers of files of various sizes, both on the shooting plan and in post-production.
  • Effective cooperation of a large number of specialists as part of co-production.
  • The idea of agile film production.