Assistance tool for measure stereoscopic perception and image quality of 3D movies.

Movie Diagnostics allow to examine 3D movie image quality and the eye reaction of the tested person.

Main Features of Movie Diagnostics

Diagnostic capabilities

  • User gaze point tracking
  • Blinking rate monitoring
  • Pupil diameter monitoring
  • Shots selection by the viewer


  • Visualization of user gaze point
  • Visualization of multiuser gaze points
  • Visualization of blinking rate
  • Visualization of pupil diameter

Video formats

  • Multi video formats supported
  • Stereo image formats: over/under, side-by-side

User interface

  • Easy, switchable main panel
  • Information about video streams (format, timecode)
  • Support for multiple eye trackers
  • Diagnostics and visualization tools

 Movie Diagnostics Gallery

Movie Diagnostics

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